Why Buy Sub-Zero and Wolf
Our founders made a lifetime promise.

Quality and Innovation

SINCE 1945


Sub-Zero’s founder Westye F. Bakke was a world pioneer in preserving food at ultralow temperatures. A gifted engineer, he had a personal motive for developing reliable, high-performance home refrigeration in the 1940s: he needed it to store insulin for his diabetic son, Bud. Westye’s innovations forever changed not only food preservation but also kitchen design, thanks to his introduction of built-in refrigeration—a revolutionary idea at the time.

Wolf’s reputation for precise, supremely durable cooking equipment dates back even further. Acquired by Sub-Zero in 2000, Wolf builds cooking instruments with expertise amassed through more than 80 years in commercial kitchens. 

We remain a family-run business, headed by Westye’s grandson, and we take the commitment to superior design and performance as personally as ever.

Quality without compromise.

Most appliance makers divide their focus.
Sub-Zero and Wolf are specialists. Each concentrates
exclusively on its special realm of expertise.

We have no distractions, and we make no compromises. The materials in our products are premium grade; the technologies, state of the art; the craftsmanship, of the caliber one would expect in the world’s finest homes. When it comes to building superior products for your household,
we take nothing for granted. Products are subjected to lab testing under extreme environmental conditions to ensure a life of 20 years or longer. Major components are subjected to extreme stress tests prior to going into the final design, and every major function is tested before shipping.

These two distinct and distinguished brands are united by a single motivation: to build kitchen equipment that will serve your household beautifully not just for years, but for decades.
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